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Beautiful Office Plantscaping & Festive Decorating Services

Add instant life to your business with Tropical Expressions, Inc., of Sterling, Virginia. From office plantscaping to holiday decorating, we do it all! We mainly work with commercial clients; however, we are capable of some residential work. Please call for details.

Interior Plantscaping

Our experts not only decorate your lobby, office, or hotel with stunning tropical foliage; we also provide ongoing maintenance on a weekly and biweekly basis. Our services include:

• Watering & Fertilizing
• Inspecting & Controlling Insects & Diseases
• Trimming as Required to Preserve Shape & Overall Appearance
• Cleaning Decorative Containers to Maintain Appearance
• Rotating Plants to Promote Healthy Growth
• Providing Up-to-Date Inventory Detailing for All Plants Under Contract
• Cleaning Foliage as Often as Necessary to Remove Dust & Dirt
• Refreshing Mulch or Moss


Holiday Decorating

From placing poinsettias around the office to decorating trees, we create warm, festive, and colorful holiday displays to complement your business. We provide both installation and removal for your convenience.

Exterior Landscaping

As an extension of our plantscaping services, we install small rooftop gardens, street planters, and containers, as well as provide general exterior cleanup and maintenance services weekly or biweekly. We do not do large-scale cleaning jobs. Plant selection varies by season.